Water Hygiene Risk Assessments

Water hygiene risk assessments are vital for ensuring the health and safety of your staff, visitors and the wider public. However, depending on the size and complexity of your organisation and its buildings, carrying out and maintaining a full and effective risk assessment can be a major investment in time and resources.

Our highly trained and qualified engineers have many years’ experience in risk assessing a wide variety of premises, from factories, offices and government buildings to healthcare facilities, housing complexes, leisure centres and hotel accommodation.

Legionella risk assessments

With Legionnaires’ disease on the rise again it’s never been more important to monitor and control the risk of Legionella bacteria. Legionella risk assessments require specialist knowledge of the risk factors and preventative measures, as well as an in-depth understanding of plumbing systems, and the law states that Legionella risk assessments must be carried out by a competent person. Our accreditation by the Legionella Control Association, for which we are audited annually on compliance and performance, is testament to our experience and competency.

We can meet all your Legionella risk assessment needs across every type of building premises. Using the latest technology in the form of our online compliance audit tool, CAT-SI, coupled with a customer-focused approach, we carry out thousands of risk assessments each year with the minimum disruption to our clients.

Our system design and control measures are based upon the L8 Approved Code of Practice and up-to-date legislation for each site, ensuring that risk assessments, scheduled monitoring and remedial tasks can only be undertaken through controlled step processes, guaranteeing all critical information is gathered.

Urban Environments are one of only a handful of companies utilised by IHG who have continuously operated at a high level whilst developing their systems and processes and retaining quality and value throughout a period of over 15 years.

Ian Mann, Risk Manager for Continental Europe, UK & Ireland, InterContinental Hotels Group

Risk assessment audits & reviews

A risk assessment is a vital management tool as well as a health & safety legal requirement. As such, it’s important that it is maintained in good order, reviewed regularly and treated as a live performance tracker for your organisation. A risk assessment buried in the bottom drawer of your desk is doing your business no good at all, and may even be doing you harm.

We offer a risk assessment audit and review service where we will analyse your existing paperwork to test its accuracy and efficacy against current best practice. We will make observations and recommendations, giving you comprehensive feedback with clear action points for improvement.

If required, we will develop an integrated water health & safety plan, working with your team to set policy, standardise benchmarking, define roles and responsibilities, specify key expectations and agree training requirements to ensure that water hygiene health & safety matters are given appropriate weight within your organisation.

Web-based electronic logbook

Our commitment to online delivery is underpinned by the CAT-SI health & safety compliance app, we use the latest risk assessment technology to produce and maintain electronic logbooks for our clients.

In line with current thinking at the Health & Safety Executive, we believe that digital compliance tools provide significant advantages to our clients. The CAT-SI system is entirely paperless (although can generate printed reports, if required) and ensures complete traceability, offering real-time visibility and reporting. All information is held in secure cloud-based storage yet is instantly accessible.

The system automatically generates alerts and reminders so risk assessments are reviewed at appropriate times, as well as providing prompts to complete any necessary repairs or remedial work, thus creating a robust audit trail.

All reports also undergo independent quality control checks by our experienced engineers to guarantee accuracy and relevance.