Kingston University

Case Study

In 2009 Kingston University was subject to an audit by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). The previous water hygiene company was found to be inadequate and client and contractor were both issued with an improvement notice.

Urban Environments were contacted and employed to ensure the University was compliant going forward and provided risk assessments and a scheme for the monitoring of the water systems.

As part of this, Urban were required to satisfy the HSE inspector that Kingston University were now employing competent staff and implementing correct procedures. Kingston were found to be fully compliant with no gaps in risk assessment or routine monitoring protocols or records.

  • Development of an implementation programme for L8 ACOP working practices to update university operational policy and procedures.
  • Full risk assessment of university property portfolio.
  • Awareness training and working
  • Deployment of web-based digital logging systems to enhance delivery times and provide for accurate and timely reporting of Water Management activities to Head of Estates
  • Full L8 compliant monitoring undertaken on a monthly frequency, including descaling and disinfecting approximately 10,000 showerheads in student accommodation per year, outside term time.
  • Maintaining an independent external review mechanism to assess current outcomes for continuous improvement recommendations.
  • Delivery of consistent service levels aligned to KPI expectations over a long-term basis for legionella precaution monitoring and maintenance
  • 100% completion rates on scheduled services up from previous inadequate levels.
  • By ensuring that university is statutory compliant, we protect the university, its employees and students from harm.
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Key Services
  • ACoP L8 Risk Assessments
  • Lead Consultation
  • Staff Training
  • Water Sampling
  • Analysis & Interpretation
  • Review Management
Property Range
  • Student accommodation
  • Offices and research facilities
  • Fitness gyms
  • Teaching blocks
  • Cafeterias
  • Public facilities
  • Staff facilities
  • Laboratories