Legionella testing
When should you test for Legionella in a water supply, and what is the right test to use? With some recent major developments in testing techniques, not to mention confusion over the circumstances under which Legionella testing is required or advised, allow us to offer some advice.  Why test? On its website The Health &...
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holiday let
As the first blast of Arctic air hits the British Isles this weekend and the shops fill up with Hallowe’en merchandise, it’s a clear sign that the holiday let ‘off season’ is upon us.  If you run a holiday let, the chances are that the next eight weeks between now and Christmas will be empty...
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water hygiene risks
When it comes to profile and general awareness, electrical, gas and fire safety all figure pretty highly in the public’s consciousness, leaving water hygiene risks very much in the shadows. Yet from a health and safety point of view, we believe it deserves equal billing, not least because the statistics are heading in the wrong...
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mains water
During the recent hot weather we have noticed an increase in the temperature of mains water, to as much as 23°C or 24°C. While there is nothing which can be done about this until it naturally cools as the heatwave subsides, it does present a further challenge for Legionella control and makes monitoring and management...
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Statistics show that summer is a peak time for Legionnaires’ disease infections, so particular attention needs to be paid to Legionella control during the period.  One of the reasons for higher infection rates is that some risks are increased during hot weather, and there are also other factors which raise the likelihood of Legionella proliferation....
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The recent prosecution of Bupa Care Homes over the death of an 86-year-old resident from Legionnaires’ disease highlighted significant failings in the management of water hygiene at the Hutton Village care home. In this article we take a look at the important Legionella control lessons to be learned from the tragedy, which are relevant to...
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Creating a water safety culture
“We need to create a water safety culture,” said Christopher Boyd, general manager of the Building Water Health Program for NSF International when speaking at the Legionella Conference 2018 held in Baltimore recently. Throughout the event his words were echoed by many other speakers, who pointed to the need for a “universal, preventive-based approach, ranging...
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anti-Legionella measures
As regular readers will know, our blog is full of advice on how to assess and reduce the risk of Legionella in rental property. For the majority of landlords, a series of simple precautions will enable them to manage the risk adequately, but for some properties – particularly larger buildings with more complex plumbing arrangements...
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Legionella risk in showers
A recent pilot study carried out at a large teaching hospital which examined the level of various bacteria in showers highlights a number of important hygiene considerations. The study recognises that showers are a necessity in many healthcare settings, both for patients and staff, yet they “present a foreseeable risk of nosocomial waterborne infection from the inhalation...
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block of flats
In the aftermath of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire, there is much discussion about the design and refurbishment of buildings and the need for health and safety to be a top priority. It is likely that a lengthy programme of installing fire sprinklers in tower blocks will now ensue across the country to address the risk presented by...
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